It’s Not All About Fowlie

An artist who advocates for artists, it’s not all about society founder Karen Fowlie….

Winner of the 2018 West Vancouver Arts and Culture Award, Karen Fowlie asked herself what she could do for her changing community.  When the Vancouver North Shore lost two key places to play music in April of 2017, Karen approached the local arts councils to brainstorm with her about creating places for musicians to grow, develop and play the songs they wrote.  Karen felt that music gave her not only a sense of belonging, but a feeling of connection with her community.  If only she could help create that feeling for others, that would be a great thing.

Karen has been creating opportunities for artists in her community since 2008.  Early efforts to organise artists to come together in the Sea to Sky corridor morphed into an open microphone jam at the Troller Pub over for 3 years, then Fowlie became the artistic director at Hugos restaurant for 4 years after that.  Fowlie has now created opportunities for artists to practice their craft Tuesday nights at Bay Moorings Restaurant in Horseshoe Bay and has open mic events coming up in April/May 2018 in the Kay Meek Centre for the Performing Arts.  Karen and her band Copper Cove Road will be volunteering a performance for the Horseshoe Bay community on Canada Day 2018 and will have an opening act before the show.  At Christmas time she’ll host her third annual Christmas show.  In the past two shows, 16-20 artists were included in the Christmas show cast and she’ll be producing the next show later this year.  If you’d like to know more about Karen, you can read her full bio here:

So if you’re an artist, keep writing your songs.  There is a place for you to play whether you’ve just written your first song or you’re a seasoned pro who would like to connect with the local community.  If you’re a fan or patron of the arts, we are humble and thankful for your support over the years.  We are thankful to our partners the Kay Meek Centre for the Performing Arts, the West Vancouver Municipality and the North Vancouver Arts Council for all the help you’ve given us in our efforts to grow the music scene in our community.