Board Members

The Fowlie and Friends Entertainment Society is a not for profit society which creates and promotes local entertainment opportunities for performance and literary artists, including shows, festivals, theatrical productions, video, musical recordings, literary arts and more.

Connie Spiers – President

22886104_10154691927757493_1600778627694134044_nConnie began her career as a Business Instructor in Secondary and Post Secondary schools in ON and BC.  Thereafter, she founded a clothing manufacturing company and established a vibrant international import/export business throughout N&S America, Europe and Asia.  Connie designed and produced her own sportswear collection under the Block Heater label as well as designing and producing private label collections for international companies including Sun Ice. Connie’s company sponsored the successful  Everest’82 climbers and a number of Olympic teams at the Calgary ’88 Games, including the original and infamous Jamaican Bobsled Team.  From 1991-1997 Connie founded and operated the Spirit Gallery in West Vancouver and she has been directly involved with promotion of Arts on the North Shore and Sea to Sky areas ever since.

Dr. Robert Falls – Communications Director


With a career that began in marine biology and fisheries management, Robert became a respected environmental professional dealing with national energy and climate policies.  Conferring and debating with renowned scientists and activists such as Freeman Dyson (Institute for Advanced Studies mathematician), Sir Arthur C. Clarke (futurist, filmmaker), Vladimir Krajina (Order of Canada ecologist), David Suzuki (geneticist, environmentalist/broadcaster), Patrick Moore  (co-founder/president of Greenpeace Canada) and most recently Jane Goodall (primatologist, anthropologist)  Robert has engaged in a lifelong quest to explore and illuminate the gaping chasms between science, technology, political governance, global energy resource development, and sustainability.

Mike T. Hurst – Treasurer

Mike Hurst brings to the Society many years of experience across Canada, including senior leadership roles in Finance, Marketing, HR and Business Development. Over the past two decades he has been a partner in a successful Vancouver based organization and as an entrepreneur, he has run his own private management consulting firm. His clients include those in the public, private and corporate sector and well as several international agencies.

Mike is an amateur musician and his passion for music and the arts have led him to vol-unteer on several not for profit boards, including most recently, several years serving as Treasurer for the Vancouver Academy of Music.

Karen Fowlie – Founder, Director

Karen Fowlie

An artist who advocates for artists, Karen is first and foremost a singer/songwriter and live performance artist.  She is a playwright, produces shows, creates community events and works to create performance opportunities for talented artists in her community.

Karen is committed to help build the presence of music in her community.  Her goals are:

  • To create awareness in the community of local talent
  • Encourage audiences to seek out the original music of their community
  • Help beginner musicians to refine their skills with lessons and stage performances through talent shows/ jams
  • Help emerging musicians to get their music “out there” and into the hearts and hands of local audiences
  • Create premium music events to showcase emerging and established artists
  • Help bring beginning, emerging and established musicians together to incubate a Vancouver “sound”
  • Help create a sound that will help Canada to define itself
  • Encourage legislators to use local music and our community “sound” as a tourism draw
  • Help define the role of music in community development